Go Deep Outdoors is located in Northern California. The Go Deep team hunts almost all 52 weeks out of the year. From the coastal foothills of California, to the Colorado Rockies and beyond.

The hunts include California Coastal Blacktail Deer, California wild hogs, Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Rio Grande Turkeys and much more.

Our videos will not only include the excitement of the hunt, but instructional video and tips on the style of hunting you are watching. Each hunter has his or her own method of madness, we are going to show you what works for us.



Our Mission

Go Deep Outdoors is based on the belief that one can be successful at hunting as well as other outdoor activities by going deep within yourself and finding the passion and heart to overcome the physical and mental challenges one encounters.

Go Deep Outdoors is continuously creating videos to showcase our successful, failed, and pure-luck hunts. We hope by watching our videos you can learn from our experiences and adventures and develop the Go Deep Outdoors passion and heart to endure life’s challenges and appreciate the outcome.


Go Deep Outdoors - Preview of four years of filming. This is just a part of just a few hunts. We hunt 52 week a year (ok minus maybe two or three weeks). There are many big game and upland game hunts we have filmed. Enjoy our passion of back country bowhunting.






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